I don’t know

Social media never really works out for me. Although I do love to be inspired and post content so that I have some sort of interaction with the rest of the world. But Snapchat, Instagram…they’re perfect for creative people, right? And I suppose I’m a creative person..right? (Don’t confuse creative and talented.) But I hated […]

Fear of the Unknown

There comes a time in a person’s life when the next move is wholly unforeseeable. You’ve graduated college. You’ve no full time job tying you down. No marriage to take up your time. Like a leaf falling from a tree you have one blissful moment of flight in which you simply don’t know where you’ll […]


So often in the books I’m reading I find this same notion. The book is set in a future. The protagonist hazily remembers the riots, the protests, the murderous past. Like it was a dream. But in the books’ present day, the world is a much different place. It’s controlled. My eyes close in a […]


If there’s one thing I’ve learned recently, it’s that having a goal in mind pushes your progress like nothing else. Don’t be the type who’s content with stagnation. What do I mean? There’s nothing like having a goal, whether short term or long term to keep you moving in life. I’ve experienced how my life, […]


It’s what this life is, isn’t it. The fight. The grapple. The struggle. I’ve been thinking a lot about struggle and the patience required to get through it. Thing is, we bring ourselves a lot of pain by attaching ourselves to things and beings and moments. Why do we rely on the temporary to measure […]