Perhaps the most confusing and intriguing concept to me is the concept of time. Time has no concern for anyone. It’s one of the few things in existence that can’t be manipulated. Or thwarted. Or taken back. Or saved. Or paused. Or given. It’s simply there, and then it’s not. I think the reason that […]

Need A Smile?

I thought I’d post something on this fine day. Something a little sweet. A little whimsical. If you’re a fan of cows like my good friend Rafia then you’re in for a treat. Even if you’re not that into cows, I recommend a viewing to boost your mood. Now I present to you Farmer Derek Klingenberg […]

Dark Days

Dark days are upon me. I suppose I’ve had it good this Fall. While I’ve been extremely sick with the flu, I’ve oddly been more motivated than ever to get my future on track. The foreseeable future, anyway. But then come those days where a cloud, a dark gray cloud hangs over your head. And […]