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Maybe, possibly I’ve figured it out. Blogging is alright. But I somehow regret sharing too much, which for me is actually very little. I prefer to keep my personal thoughts to myself, but when I log onto this blog I feel like I should let it all out. That’s okay, for some people.

But the best way for me to speak what I’ve found to be the truth isn’t just through blogging. It’s through painting, through photography, and through writing too. So I’m upping my game here, just a little bit. will be the space for this. It’ll be where I won’t get too personal, but just personal enough. It’ll be where you can get your hands on the tangibles and intangibles that I put out into the world. By tangibles, I mean that you’ll find the pieces that I work on and will be showcasing on my Etsy shop, which I’ll share on the new site as soon as it’s up and ready. So if you like what you see, there’d be the place to get it. And by intangibles, I mean that you’ll still get the occasional creative writing that haunts me until I’ve thrown it into the universe just to be rid of it.

My main writing will live on in what future publications will show. I’m always writing. But I’m pouring more of myself into those bigger projects in a more intense way than I ever have before. What comes out of that will be announced when it happens. That’s a special thing to me, that is.

At the best of times I’m doing a plethora of things. So, Sumaya Ink (can’t take credit for that Inc./Ink pun, it was actually suggested by another Sumeya I know) will be my new home for everything I share. It’ll be my main online presence that’ll encompass all the things I want to share. I hope to challenge myself and get out of the safe zone that I’ve camped out in. The pieces I show there will be what happens when I take my thoughts, some dark and some light, and combine it with paint, charcoal, and ink.

If this isn’t the last time I’m redirecting my followers to a new site, I’m ridding myself of the privilege of blogging for good. If I see you there, I’ll consider myself quite honored.



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