Life without the Internet

If you can live your life without an audience, you should do it.” – Bo Burnham

I’m an avid YouTube watcher. So I’ve been following YouTube culture for a very long time. I watch it more than television, more than movies, more than anything else. I guess I appreciate that the people who post on there feel more like real people to me, and I gain a lot, motivationally, from watching their videos. But we all know the internet isn’t what it used to be. You’ve got people left and right trying to sell you something. Or unconsciously making you feel worse about yourself and your lack of accomplishments.

It’s been interesting for me, finding my internet balance. I can get lost in it quite easily, as I’m sure you can as well. But I’ve managed to filter out content that isn’t valuable to my life. Just go through your subscriptions. Whose videos do you actually watch and enjoy?

I’m not going to say much more about this, because it’s a topic that’s been circulated to the point where I wouldn’t have anything new to add. But there is this YouTube video that inspired this post:


And finally, some YouTubers that I’d recommend if you’re looking for inspiration: (Which, I know, kind of contradicts this very post. But this isn’t so much about leaving the internet, it’s more about making it worth your time.)

Productivity & Motivation:
Amy Landino
Holly Gabrielle
Aida Azlin
Barno Sulaiman
Madeleine Olivia
Mouadh Ayachi
Pick Up Limes
Shahd Batal

Books & Reading:
Jo the Great
A Clockwork Reader
Leena Norms
Ariel Bissett
Haily in Bookland

Art & Photography:
Fran Meneses
Minnie Small
Joe Allam
Peter McKinnon
The Art of Photography

Film & Comedy:
Jack and Dean
The Kloons

Educational Tidbits:
Great Big Story
It’s Okay To Be Smart
The Skin Deep

Vlogs & Things:
Nathan Zed
Hijabi Hybrid
Subhi Taha
Niomi Smart

Its Noory
Jacob Laukaitis
Living On A One Way



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