Here’s what I’m thinkin.

We tumble through our years, scooping up experiences as we go. We stuff our pockets full of memories and keep moving as they fall out one by one. The older we get the more cracks we learn to avoid. The more streams we know to follow. The more we grow.

And yet, all that knowledge we gain, all that wisdom we think we’ve earned, all of the learning we’ve done from the good and the bad, all the strength we’ve been forced to gain, all of the sadness we’ve had to overcome..

We’ll always have as far to go, won’t we? We’ll never be there, will we? Can you say to me that one day, you will be the perfect version of you? Will you ever have nothing else to improve on? Nothing else to learn?

It’s that concept of “the more I learn the less I know.” It’s that realization that through all the changes tossed at us, we remain who we’ve always been. Sure..

Our strength changes

Out experience changes

Our intelligence changes

But, in essence, you are you. Your mind, your soul (if you believe in that) remains the same throughout life, even if it has more stuff added to it. Remain true to that essence because if you constantly try to be the biggest, the best—remember that the biggest fish in the ocean, the king of the jungle, the leader of a nation…there’s always something bigger than them. There’s always someone bigger.

The strive for perfection is futile. But the strive for improvement is perfect.

I will never be the kind of person who is sure of every opinion I own, of everything I write, do, or say. I question everything that spills from my fingertips and it hinders me. But I do, I say, I write with the intention of knowing that there is always more to learn.


This is as much sense as I could make of my thoughts, and it isn’t much.


6 thoughts on “Growth

  1. “I will never be the kind of person who is sure of every opinion I own, of everything I write, do, or say.”

    It takes a wise person to admit this! I wish we all had this level of humility. Glad to see you back, Sumaya! 🙂

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