Fear of the Unknown


There comes a time in a person’s life when the next move is wholly unforeseeable. You’ve graduated college. You’ve no full time job tying you down. No marriage to take up your time. Like a leaf falling from a tree you have one blissful moment of flight in which you simply don’t know where you’ll land.

It can be thrilling. But change, even for the most thrill seeking person, can be such a hard thing to adjust to. Especially when it comes to someone who’s had a very typical life. Went through all the expected trials of trying to be a perfect student, a good daughter/son, a decent human being. It’s what we all go through.

But for that person, change is imminent. And change is scary. To look out into an unending abyss and see nothing but black. It’s a sea of possibility, and once you embark on a new adventure, with it will come many great things I’m sure. But taking that initial leap..

You can’t know how much will change.


You don’t know if you’ll be the same person this time next year but you just hope you’ll be better. Uncertainty is sometimes a good thing. It makes you question things, think things through more logically. But when you’re at a completely blank slate with no external commitments and no road map, and it’s just you and the open road, you’ve simply got to accept that you’ve made it to this point in your life where change, in some shape, form, or color will be inevitable. Your life needs to keep moving forward, somehow.

It’s frightening. Exciting. Frexciting.



3 thoughts on “Fear of the Unknown

  1. Frexciting! Haha, indeed. I remember how you must be feeling right now. I did what was expected of me and now that I don’t have the one industry that has in essence guided my life since I was 5 years old, now what? A job is out of my hands. Marriage is out of my hands. What do I do now?

    I’d LOVE to give you advice and tell you what you should do and avoid the mistakes that I made, but I feel each individual has to learn what those mistakes might be. They are different for each person.

    I know that initial period where I hadn’t landed a job, I devoted to losing the weight I so desperately needed and put off because, well, “I have to study for _______”!

    That doesn’t mean that your life now should be devoted to one thing. You might get an offer next week. You might decided to go back to school. Or decide to travel. Whatever it is. I think in every stage of life, there is doubt. I know I have it now, even though I’m almost/kinda done with my school and finally have a real job. But as a human, uncertainty in this world is always a constant “frenemy.”

    The one piece of advice I will give is: listen to you heart – not that you can’t listen to it later, but you will have more obligations and responsibilities then – and make lots of istikharah (it’s not just for marriage). Keep your blog readers posted whatever you decide! I will make dua for you. Girl, we need to meet one day.

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    1. Yo. Rafia. This made my day.
      Yeah I think doubt is something that’ll pop up ever now and again regardless of what you’re doing in life. You’re good at the advice thing by the way 🙂


  2. I think it is a great place to be at “a completely blank slate with no external commitments and no road map, and it’s just you and the open road”! It gives you the space and time to listen to within you (your heart and mind) and begin to carve your own vision for your life and afterlife ahead.
    Interestingly, it is during these times that we turn to our Creator and Sustainer, Allah, perhaps more in desperation rather than hope.
    What a blessing to listen to within and strengthen your relationship with Allah!
    Some people never get to do that or do so at a much later stage of their lives, typically after the kids have grown up and flown the nest. Of course it’s never too late; it’s even better to begin in the present.


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