Bit of motivation for ya

For some reason it takes a lot for me to get motivated. I don’t think this is how it’s always been. In the past, people simply did what they had to do, right? For their families, for their livelihood. Was there a “How am I feeling today?” or a “How’s my self care?” or a “Am I feeling inspired enough to get the daily job done?” At least I know that my parents, and theirs didn’t seem to need to work themselves up just to get a simple task done. They simply had a goal, and they achieved it. To put food on the table. To live their lives.

Maybe it’s privilege that allows me to struggle with this. But whatever it may be, I’ve simply had enough. You need to work for the life that you want. So I did a rather simple thing. I got a pen and a notebook and thought about some goals I’ve had in mind for a while. Learn Arabic, practice photography, and work on product design for an Etsy shop I plan to open in the future, to name a few. In total, I wrote down 5 goals.


Following that, I wrote where I am currently, pertaining to the progress of each goal, and where I want to end up. But you don’t stop there. Otherwise, these goals just continue to float around your head as possible milestones that you “hope to reach someday.”


The next step is writing down an action that you can do each day that will take you closer to your end goal. What actual, physical, tasks will take you one step further? Write them down. Take 10 photos a day. Cook one thing a day. Learn 10 vocabulary words a day. Then just look at what you have written down. And you’ll read what you have to do and suddenly it’s no longer some vague possibility hidden in the depths of your mind.

The steps suddenly become possible. Doable. What were you we waiting for all this time? It’s not like we were ever going to achieve anything by simply wishing for it.

So the steps are there, right in front of you. Don’t start next week. Don’t wait for that big event to pass. Start today. (It’s currently nearly 1 am, though, so if this is the case for you then maybe start tomorrow.)

Work around the big events. The weddings. The travel.

Don’t kill yourself for messing up sometimes.

I’ve learned that time goals work for me rather than number goals. Writing for an hour a day is easier and less intimidating than having a word count of 1,000. I feel like less of a failure if I’ve written for an hour and only have 500 words down. So figure out what style works for you; you know what you’re capable of better than anyone else.

And for the love of all that is right in the world, just start. Go for the life you want.

One step at a time.

I did a few things that scare me this past week and whatever comes out of them, one thing remains. It feels amazing to do something that scares you. Then you can say, I did it.

One of those things was post my first YouTube video.


One thought on “Bit of motivation for ya

  1. Sumaya! That painting is beautiful! I didn’t know you painted 🙂 Could you share a pic of what it it looks like? 🙂 I do think we living today are a bit spoiled. That we have the privilege of deciding what to do. Even having the option of having goals is not something humans 200 years ago would have had, other than the ruling elite maybe. And yet… The overarching declaration of my life remains, “I don’t know what I am doing with my life!!!” 😉

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