It’s a We, not a Me

Some Muslims see themselves as soldiers of Allah. Doesn’t stop there, though. These are the ones that think they, only they, are allowed to be soldiers of Allah. Other Muslims are too tied down to their turbans and materialistic tendencies.


Then we’ve got the Muslims who have open arms, open minds. They connect more with people who don’t believe in Allah than with people who do. Because those Muslims are too much. Too traditional. Too strict. Modernity is essential.


Right around the corner you’ll find the Muslim who doesn’t know where on earth they belong. They try and read the words of God, but they don’t feel a thing. They can’t connect. Whether they look like Group A or Group B, their hearts scream for everyone to just leave them alone. Let us figure it out for ourselves.


And the Ummah is perpetually segmented because we can’t seem to close our mouths long enough to allow other perspectives in our minds. We progressively stray from each other and venture into the arms of a tactless intellect.

“Don’t judge me.”

Since when is it judgemental for one to want to elevate another in the eyes of Allah?

“We don’t feel comfortable with that crowd.”

Since when does the title of Sufi or Salafi come before the title of Muslim?


We need to help each other up, not knock each other down. We need each other.

That’s all I’m saying.


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