My Heroes Aren’t Super

While I’m as excited as anyone to see Black Panther, my heroes aren’t super.

While I’m always for representation however I can find it, my heroes aren’t super.

I look up to extraordinary, kind, courageous, and sometimes fictitious people, but they aren’t super, in the emblem embossed sense of the word.


My heroes are the ones that fulfill their goals even when they find it difficult to get up in the morning. They don’t need cloaks or powers. They’re the ones who show kindness and mercy to others who don’t give it back. The swords they wield are blades of moral strength.

I suppose I’ve never been very into the superhero universe. I watched Smallville and some Spider-Man movies growing up, and was dragged to the superhero movie here or there by this person or that. But for some reason, I’ve never looked up to someone made to be super.

And if you do look up to superheroes, well that’s great. My heroes simply can’t be sought or produced. Rather, they stumble into my existence and change it for the better. I stumble upon my heroes, the ones who conquer the world by conquering themselves. They crumble their ego and swallow their pride. They follow their dreams and they don’t forget to be loving to their families.

Granted, quite a few of my heroes are fictional characters. They can be house elves or they can be 9-5ers. But whether they’re made of clay or ink, all it really takes is a kind heart and a will to do what’s right.

I’d love to know what type of people you look up to.


4 thoughts on “My Heroes Aren’t Super

  1. What a beautiful post! It’s apropos that you write on this topic, not only because Black Panther is out (which I want to see even though I too am not really into Superhero films either), but because I recently attended a Michelle Obama talk and the moderator asked her who her hero was and her response was something I think we all need to hear: heroes should be people we actually know.

    I remember for a Sunday School assignment we were asked to write about our heroes. Twelve-year-old me wrote that my baby nephew was because he was the cutest baby I had ever seen. LOL.

    But just a few days ago, I thought about my dad. Even though I can’t quote him on advice he gave me (Desi parents don’t really do that), I think about the life he had in India, how he struggled to just survive in Canada…. and how easy I had it. That man is the hardest worker I know. I see that now. Now I understand why I had all those rules growing up. He had no support whatsoever so he did his best to make sure that his wife and kids had all the support he never had. It come from a place of love.

    Wow, totally went off an a tangent there.

    But in general, I look up to – or rather appreciate – people who are humble, vulnerable, genuine, and champions of others. It’s great to amass accolades, but I’m beginning to see how important it is to pass the torch. It’s not easy, so it I do think it is heroic in some way.

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    1. Ahhh I love you man! I was hesitant about this post because I didn’t want it to rub anyone the wrong way, but that fear could very well stop a person from doing anything so it simply isn’t worth listening to. The bit about your dad is super touching, and very relatable.

      I would recommend Black Panther, by the way. It was pretty excellent. Also, I’ve never heard the phrase “amass accolades” before and I just love it. You writer, you 😉

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      1. Why were you hesitant? I didn’t find anything in your post to be even slightly controversial, or am I missing something? It’s probably the latter lol. Haha. Thank you. I do love me some alliteration 😉

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