Snowy Reflections

A new stage of life, as they call it. The topsy-turvy of postgrad existence. Where time seems to fade into obscurity. I thought I’d get straight into it. Writing, painting, photography. I thought it’d just…happen. But it’s taken time.

Photo Editor-20180201_225438

Time that I’m not even sure I have. A mind that was once full of paper deadlines and exam preparation, it’s kind of empty right now. While the information is retained, the movement and activity has momentarily ceased. I was in college/university for six years. For a lot longer than that, I roamed hallways packed with other kids and noises and colors and trends and friends. Such was my mind. Busy, packed. And now, not.

Photo Editor-20180201_225619

Learning to motivate oneself to maintain that level of mental movement is something I’ve learned this winter. Adjusting to a new stage of life won’t happen overnight, but there’ll come moments when you smile at the realization that you’ve improved. I view my reality now as an open canvas, a freedom of creativity and my goodness, does it feel so good and so right to exercise my imagination. Exams tend to postpone that enjoyment.

Photo Editor-20180201_225720

There’s no need to lose your youth or your enthusiasm. “Growing up” doesn’t mean putting away the silly hats and funny slippers. I’m so thankful that I had the privilege of an education. But, as of now, I’m extremely happy to be able to do my own thing.

Winter, you’ve been so good to me.


2 thoughts on “Snowy Reflections

  1. I miss being in school sometimes, or did. But now that I work at a Uni, I think I’m happier getting paid to be a student in some ways 😉 But I agree with you, not being in school gives you freedom. I love reading now. I didn’t when I was in school because school was my life. I had no time for fun. Now fun is all I have time for! Haha. We need to plan a meet-up soon, girl!

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