Bookstore Adventures

Bookstores call to me like the wardrobe called to Lucy. I’ll step foot into one and immediately feel whispers from ocean tales and jets of fire from space battles seep into my pores. The treasures hidden behind dust, the adventures around every corner, the ladders that lead up to a sky full of stories…it’s completely captivating.


Truth be told, my wallet takes a big hit every time I enter one of these havens. But it’s the single best thing that I have ever or will ever have the pleasure of spending my money on. Not too long ago, I forgot about this passion. I pretty much hate makeup, but there was a part of me that wished I could have had something like that to care so much about. I’d watch beauty gurus talk about all of their holy grail items and I felt a pang of jealousy. I’d watch gamers talk so excitedly about killing those zombies or building that castle and I’d wish I had the slightest desire to care about something half as much.


I was so stupid. I’ve always loved books. I’ve always loved reading and writing. I blame school for squashing down that desire until there was barely a pulp left. But at least I still had a pulp. It’s now not only grown into a full-fledged tree, but a ginormous forest that’s quickly taken me completely and willingly hostage.


The pictures taken are all from a favorite bookstore of mine, Ravenswood Used Books. It’s got that dizzying effect that I love so much where you can get lost in such a small space in a matter of seconds and not have the slightest concern about how you’re going to get back out. I don’t really do resolutions at the beginning of a new year, but I will say that after this little adventure, I will be exploring many more bookstores throughout this city 🙂


Adieu, fellow book nerds.





5 thoughts on “Bookstore Adventures

  1. I LOVE THIS POST! Like, I feel I could have written this. Totally agree with you about the make-up thing (when I do wear it for social gatherings, I use stuff that’s close to 7 years old) and I also blame school (not just the time it took, but what I was taught about what’s good to read) for me not really loving reading until sadly very recently. I think we all just need to find the right genre for us and I vehemently disagree that the only literature that is worth reading was written by white men who lived centuries ago. I have not visited this bookstore, but I think I definitely need to!

    BTW: Girl, I love your prose! You write like a true author indeed 🙂

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    1. Rafia your comments always make my day. Thanks for sticking with me each time I decided to reinvent my blog, haha. And yes, I want to dedicated 2018 to reading books from more diverse authors for sure. As for genre, I wouldn’t say that I only read one type. In fact, there isn’t much that I won’t read. I’ve honestly become so book crazy that I can’t think of anything besides the worlds I read about :]

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      1. I know how you feel! I’ve reinvented my blog many times in the past. I thought about doing it with Cake & Cows, but I really like the name and would really miss it if I went with another one. Where is your favourite place to read? I love reading in bed… but I often fall asleep. Hehe!

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