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I definitely have my reservations about participating in anything called a “Readathon”, but I’ll admit it certainly piqued my interest. Zoe, from readbyzoe is pretty well known for hosting Readathons on BookTube, in which you basically read as many books as you can in 24 hours.

Is it healthy to force yourself to read? Does it just foster competitiveness, a topic eloquently discussed by Ariel Bissett from the Tubes. Well, no one is forcing me to do this, I genuinely want to read more. And I think my participating in this Readathon will be a really fun experience (most likely with inconceivable amounts of tea, coffee, and chocolate.)

My hesitation to join BookTube; however, has to do with a few reasons. Mainly, I love reading, and I’ve been getting back into it lately. But there’s something about BookTube (and YouTube in general) that is very centered on advertisement lately. But Jo, another YouTuber that I watch, really hit the nail on the head when discussing BookTube, and touched on a lot of points of concern. Sometimes the community can be less about reading and more about your collection of books…But her advice is sound. Basically, as with anything else in life, just do what you want to do.

Honestly, who cares if other readers read a hundred books in a year and you can only read three or four. I’m a very slow reader, but I like to think that just means I immerse myself more heavily in a story 🙂 As excited as I am to put myself a little more out there, I must constantly double check that my reasons for doing this (joining YouTube/BookTube, blogging, social media, etc.) are reasons that are genuine and that won’t lead me to losing my integrity.

Ultimately, it’s how you make your decisions that really matters. Hang on to your intention, your truth, and your goals.

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  1. I’ve never heard of booktube before. But I agree with all your points. Reading should not a competition and I think it’s pretentious and a waste to read books and never read them. I only buy a book unless I’ve gotten a gift card or if I know I can find it in the biblio or if it’s less than 10 bucks at half price books 😉

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