Day One


Fall came like wildfire, igniting within me a desire to set off on the path I’ve approached with apprehension for the last two decades of my life.

I left the world of books as I entered high school, a blank abyss of homeschooling that I can barely remember.

Then college, a real delve into my academic persona. Doctor? No. Engineer? No. Teacher? No. Artist? Maybe. Writer? Definitely.

Since then, I’ve re-launched myself into the world of books. Fiction, non-fiction, graphic, historical, fantastical…anything I can get my hands on. Because I deprived myself of this for so long, I now have what seems like an unquenchable thirst to rocket myself forward into this new world.

I’ll read, I’ll write, and I’ll live my life that way every single day. Because I need to write. And from that, who knows what’ll come.


Welcome to my little cave of reverie. smiley_3


5 thoughts on “Day One

  1. Welcome back! I’m so glad that you’ll be sharing this need to write with us. I’ve missed you, Sumaya, my writing buddy. Even though I’ve given up on that manuscripts, that contract is still valid 😉

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