• Growth

    Here’s what I’m thinkin. We tumble through our years, scooping up experiences as we go. We stuff our pockets full of memories and keep moving as they fall out one by one. The older we get the more cracks we learn to avoid. The more streams we know to follow. The more we grow. And […]

  • I don’t know

    Social media never really works out for me. Although I do love to be inspired and post content so that I have some sort of interaction with the rest of the world. But Snapchat, Instagram…they’re perfect for creative people, right? And I suppose I’m a creative person..right? (Don’t confuse creative and talented.) But I hated […]


So often in the books I’m reading I find this same notion. The book is set in a future. The protagonist hazily remembers the riots, the protests, the murderous past. Like it was a dream. But in the books’ present day, the world is a much different place. It’s controlled. My eyes close in a […]


If there’s one thing I’ve learned recently, it’s that having a goal in mind pushes your progress like nothing else. Don’t be the type who’s content with stagnation. What do I mean? There’s nothing like having a goal, whether short term or long term to keep you moving in life. I’ve experienced how my life, […]


It’s what this life is, isn’t it. The fight. The grapple. The struggle. I’ve been thinking a lot about struggle and the patience required to get through it. Thing is, we bring ourselves a lot of pain by attaching ourselves to things and beings and moments. Why do we rely on the temporary to measure […]


Perhaps the most confusing and intriguing concept to me is the concept of time. Time has no concern for anyone. It’s one of the few things in existence that can’t be manipulated. Or thwarted. Or taken back. Or saved. Or paused. Or given. It’s simply there, and then it’s not. I think the reason that […]

Need A Smile?

I thought I’d post something on this fine day. Something a little sweet. A little whimsical. If you’re a fan of cows like my good friend Rafia then you’re in for a treat. Even if you’re not that into cows, I recommend a viewing to boost your mood. Now I present to you Farmer Derek Klingenberg […]